54th Governor of New Jersey

He will do his best to execute financial stability and also he will do everything he can to
make sure that everything is going in a butter-smooth fashion.
Financial Executive
Retired Politician
Defeating Republican Businessman

American Lawyer and Politician

This man has accomplished quite a bit in his time. He is a great lawyer and also a fantastic politician who knows what he is doing. He is also an American financial executive who was fantastic at his job.

Jon S. Corzine Biography

He was born on 1 January in the year 1947, and he is a retired politician. He was also the 54th governor of New Jersey.
He was a member of the Democratic party, and he has worked at Goldman Sachs.
He was a fantastic lawyer indeed.
He happens to be the 54th governor of New Jersey, and he served from the year 2001 to 2006.
He has done a really good job as a fantastic politician.

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