54th Governor of New Jersey

He will do his best to execute financial stability and also he will do everything he can to
make sure that everything is going in a butter-smooth fashion.
Financial Executive
Retired Politician
Defeating Republican Businessman

American Lawyer and Politician

This man has accomplished quite a bit in his time. He is a great lawyer and also a fantastic politician who knows what he is doing. He is also an American financial executive who was fantastic at his job.

Jon S. Corzine Biography

He was born on 1 January in the year 1947, and he is a retired politician. He was also the 54th governor of New Jersey.
He was a member of the Democratic party, and he has worked at Goldman Sachs.
He was a fantastic lawyer indeed.
He happens to be the 54th governor of New Jersey, and he served from the year 2001 to 2006.
He has done a really good job as a fantastic politician.

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        Jon S. Corzine Biography

        Jon S. Corzine Biography

        On January 1, 1947, Jon Stevens Corzine is a retired politician and an American Financial executive, served as a United States Senator from 2001 to 2006 from New Jersey. He was also the 54th governor of New Jersey. A member of the Democratic Party and also worked at Goldman Sachs.

        Born and brought up

        Son of Nancy June and Roy Allen Corzine Jr. His grandfather, Roy A. Corzine, also served in the Illinois General Assembly. He grew up in Willey Station near Taylorville in a small family farmhouse.

        Jon S. Corzine Biography

        While in college, he was listed in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and served until 1975. He attained Sergeant rank.

        Campaigns of Corzine

        New Jersey gubernatorial election

        Corzine spent $38 million on his gubernatorial election a week before the election day. His opponent, Republican Doug Forrester, spent $19 million. He spent over $62 million by his 2000 US Senate elections. Property tax and the Bush administration are the main issues of this campaign. The campaign for Governor of NJ was successful, with 54% of the votes. Corzine won 13 countries of 21 countries. He won the major countries like Bergen, Essex, and Middlesex. He won 5 of the top 6 countries and 7 of the top 9 countries.

        2009 New Jersey Gubernatorial election

        In 2009 Corzine participated in re-election in the 2009 New Jersey Gubernatorial election. In January 2009, the reports of Rasmussen said that the Republican challenger Chris Christie was leading by 42% to 40%. After a few months, the polls of 42% to 44%. By June and July, Corzine was trailing by a double-digit, and Christiee was in the lead. But again, there was a change in tide, and in October polls, they showed Corzine getting close and sometimes taking the lead. But after all this, Corzine lost to Christiee by 48.5% to 44.9%.

        Corzine as a governor

        Corzine’s approval number was very low after taking office in January 2006. As a result of the budget battles of the 2006 New Jersey State Government shutdown in July, many polls seemed to be negative polls. After April 26, 2006, the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute showed that polls showed 35% approval and 42% disapproval. When Corzine revealed his controversial plan, his support dropped to 30% in Jan 2008.

        He was a member of the Democratic Party and worked at Goldman Sachs after he resigned the politics. He was CEO of MF Global from 2010 until the company shut down in 2011.

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